Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 13


For the 32nd season of Kaoh Rong we will be once again bringing you our weekly POWER RANKINGS as Noah is joined by Ozlets Colin, Ivan & Jarrod to rank the contestants each week based on performance and strategy and where they are perceived to be in the game! We continue our rankings for another week with our episode 13 rankings, which we are sure will cause speculation and debate as we get closer to next weeks episode!


Each week Noah, Colin, Ivan & Jarrod will rank the remaining contestants based on their opinion of where they stand in the game, with the four totals being tallied to produce a total score. The lowest total score will be ranked at the top, with the second lowest in second, third lowest in third and so on and so forth.


Once again during Kaoh Rong we will be scoring who gets the closest each week with the POWER RANKINGS LEADERBOARD! The ranker who gets closest in predicting the previous weeks eliminated contestant will score a point. If they predict the exact finishing position then they will score 2 points. If there are two or more rankers on the same prediction/number, they will both get the said points amount. Here is the leaderboard after this weeks episode:

1st Ivan Ornelas 11 (+2)
2nd Jarrod Loobeek 10 (+2)
3rd Noah Groves 8 (+2)
4th Colin Hilding 6


1st – Aubry


OVERALL: 1st (-)

NOAH: This is by no means a decisive #1 spot like I have given Aubry in weeks past, but still I don’t feel anyone else is quite worthy of being at the top of the rankings at this time. Even though she has lost yet another major ally, she’s got some reliable backup plans. Her ability to pull Tai back in despite him feeling really betrayed by her is a testament to her social game. She’s got some work to do to get to the end and win the jury over, but we all know by now she is capable of becoming the Sole Survivor.

COLIN: Maybe this is the weirdest season ever no matter who wins. I can think of just as many terrible mistakes that Aubry has made as I can big moves. Even some of her big moves that advanced her week by week are questionable, and could come back to haunt her in a final tribal council. That being said she has the most text book resume of any of the final four. She will have to stay with Cydney and pull in either Tai or Michele to move into the final 3, so I’m ruling out any drastic moves right off the bat. It’s hard to know how a jury will vote. This season could go all Nicaragua and give it to Tai, but if it’s your standard jury then I’d say Aubry is the odds on favourite to win a final vote.

IVAN: Aubry is my tip to win at this point. Her edit started out on the quiet side but she soon became one of the main focal points of the season. She has overcome the odds and a very rocky first half of the game to become a solid player. Pretty much everyone trusts her left in the game and she has done a good job of turning or betraying few players in the game. She has Joe’s vote for sure while her other Brains Neal and Debbie are a bit more up in the air, they are not impossible. She could receive respect votes from Scot and Jason and Tai as well if he is not on the jury. She also has some moves on her resume and has been identified as a clear gamer by the other players. However it is not a sure fire lock for Aubry to win. She has been viewed as flaky in the game and she has been cold to people trying to talk strategy with her. Behind the scenes Neal and Debbie have both left the game with a slight sour taste from Aubry, Julia may still be pissed off by that infamous crossed out vote and if she betrays Tai once again he could turn off her again. While I am betting my money on Aubry winning in the finale it is really more up in the air than most finales at this point and nothing is set in stone.

JARROD: Aubry has been a major player this season and it feels like she’s got the game in the palm of her hand if she makes it to the end. She did a great job pulling Tai back into the fold and she appears to be acutely aware of who she stands the best chance of winning against in a final 2 or 3. She has a working relationship with the two girls and has proved to be the most adaptable in the game. Whoever wins final immunity would be smart to take her out but I could see Aubry working her magic and getting them to take her to the end.

2nd – Cydney


OVERALL: 2nd (-)

NOAH: I just worry she hasn’t been getting enough attention and character detail, especially this late in the game. This past episode she was far outweighed in the edit by Aubry, Michele and Tai. She has a close alliance with Aubry and Tai by association but Aubry identifying Cydney as a threat to win in this episode could be foreshadowing. At this point, Cydney’s most likely end will be a fourth place finisher or a losing finalist. She hasn’t really pissed any one off besides Scot and Jason but she also hasn’t really endeared herself to anyone. If she was in the final two with Tai she wins, if it is a final three and you throw in Aubry or Michele then it becomes a little tougher but not impossible. Debbie’s comment to Cydney about wanting a woman to win could be foreshadowing for a Cydney victory or at least a vote from Debbie. I wouldn’t rule out Cydney but I have little hope for her going in to the finale.

COLIN: It’s looking less likely that Cydney and Aubry will go to the end together, but with Joe being pulled from the game there may be no choice. Tai and Michele are on the outside and might band together to force a tie. The only way Cydney and Aubry can safely advance is to pull a 3rd person in, which means taking no risks of eliminating each other. If it comes down to a final challenge Cydney may be the favourite to win. I hold her back slightly from the #1 rank as she has made fewer bold moves than Aubry. Still between my top 2 this is the closest I’ve judged a finale front runner in a long time.

IVAN: Cydney has played very well this season and has made moves when she had to, but now what? She has options but can she make the right ones? It’s a precarious situation for Cydney because depending on the dynamics and the result of the next immunity challenge, everyone could be turning to Cydney for her vote or everyone could be targeting her next. We have seen five different individual immunity winners this season but you have to favor Cydney if strength is a factor in the challenge. She may be a tough opponent for any of these other players at the Final Tribal Council but unfortunately for her, Aubry seems to have realized that.

JARROD: Cydney has played a solid game from start to finish and has arguably been the most consistent player of the remaining four. While Cydney plans to act like there are bigger fish to fry we saw Aubry beginning to cotton on to the fact that she could be a major threat come final tribal council. Cydney and Aubry are the biggest targets going into the finale and I get the feeling Aubry’s relationships are going to hold firmer than Cydney’s. This final four could really go any way and I can’t figure out how Cydney is going to be viewed by the jury if she gets a chance to plead her case.

3rd – Michele


OVERALL: 3rd (+1)

NOAH: Michele’s edit has picked up considerably over the past few weeks which could be a Natalie Anderson like winner edit. Or as I have brought up in the past, it could be the fact that there are no more big characters left in the game to show. Michele hasn’t made enemies on the jury which could be dangerous in the end. However it doesn’t appear she was overly well liked at the same time. She has a shot at the final tribal council but she doesn’t really have anything on her resume. She never had to go to tribal council until after the merge and for a huge portion of the game she has been floating in the background. Her biggest moves are voting out Nick and voting out Julia, but if anything they may have lost her jury votes. However if it is a bitter jury, Michele has pissed off the least amount of people and could earn the likes of Scot, Jason, Debbie and Neal votes. Depends on how hurt the former beauties are she could also get Nick and Julia. Her best bet is to take out Aubry at the final four.

COLIN: Even the finale preview made a point of saying that Michele has been playing without any real allies. She was making progress this week with Tai, but then the ever emotionally driven Tai jumped back on the Aubry train. Four is a tough number to play around with when you don’t have at least one strong partner in the game. If she does make it to the end she’s the only player without a story in place to justify a win.

IVAN: I feel like the other three players have more options than her going into this vote. The fans seem to have mixed views on her ranging from claims of her winner’s edit to people saying she’s downright forgettable. I feel Michele is a decent player and has done well this season, but just lacked that finesse to establish a more stable alliance at this point in the game. We’ve seen talk about how Cydney and Michele are a tight duo but not a lot of evidence to support that. Best case scenario would be if Cydney catches wind of Aubry trying to turn on her and she turned to Michele for support. But Michele losing Tai to Aubry so quickly does not bode well.

JARROD: Michele has been an interesting character this season in that she’s never seemed to be in a position of power but has done well playing from the bottom and proving her loyalty to the other players. She got plenty of airtime setting up a potential alliance with Tai the past episode and working through their differences. Her relationship with Cydney has been key to keeping her around and this close to the end I think she becomes the lesser target of that pair. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s able to continue to fly under the radar and make it to final tribal council. Her resume is far less impressive than the other players but she’s done a good job of not pissing off jury members along the way.

4th – Tai


OVERALL: 4th (-1)

NOAH: Tai is the goat to bring to the end at this point. Aubry wants to sit next to him to win and Michele is also considering taking him. Not only that but he has a decent chance of winning the final immunity as well. If he does get to the end he may be able to muster up one or two votes from the likes of Neal, Nick or Debbie but it is all a long shot at this point. Tai’s biggest detriment is if the girls decide to make it an all-girl final three. His best bet of winning is a final two where the votes are more concentrated. Tai is the least likely of these four to win at the end.

COLIN: The idol is gone. He’s has a mess of relationships on the jury. He makes up his mind and then changes it the second someone hugs it out with him. He’s a huge challenge threat and wildly unpredictable when it comes to strategy. Short of this being the weirdest season ever, Tai cannot win this game. If he does expect an article to come by me titled “Kaoh Rong: The Weirdest Season Ever”.

IVAN: It has been a fun ride for Tai this season, but I can’t see this ending well for him. Whether he is finally dispatched by these women or if he gets criticized by the jury and only a few jury votes to show for it, I don’t think he has a great chance of winning. He does have a chance, but it would be a long shot and I’m not quite sure who from these three women he can beat at the end. But right now he is a potential key ally for two of them, so he’s not in the worst position in this group of four. He’s a bit too impulsive for his own good and that may end up being the decisive factor in his end game.

JARROD: While I love Tai as a character he’s burnt a lot of bridges with the jury and could definitely be viewed as too emotional and impulsive of a player. Right now it looks like he’s replaced Joe as Aubry’s extra vote to be used any way she wants but if the other girls want to champion girl power we could see Aubry cut him loose to survive. He still seems to be fairly well liked as a person but I don’t see the others respecting his game enough to award him the win.

What do you think of our final power rankings of the season? Agree? Disagree? Let us know your thoughts below!






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2 Comments on Survivor Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings – Week 13

  1. ladundercover22 // May 14, 2016 at 11:35 am // Reply

    hey remember when we all thought tai would not make it past the first episode?

  2. Kaoh Rong Is only second to Gabon as Weirdest Season IMO

    Between the remaining castaways this is how likely they will win should they make it to final tribal
    1. Aubry
    2. Cydney
    3. Michele
    4. Mark the Chicken
    5. Tai

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