Survivor Oz 2015 End Of Year Chart–Top 50 Most Downloaded Interviews


Every six months, we bring you a chart showing you the 50 most downloaded interviews in the history of Survivor Oz! Exactly six months on from our 2015 mid-year chart, it’s that time again to bring you which 50 interviews you have listened to the most in the history of your favourite Survivor show!

Since the middle of the year things continue to move relatively slowly with the interviews, as we sit just on 288 after halting at 278 before the middle of this year. With Cambodia now finished and a few others randomly popping up, there are still interviews being done but we are still in that expected ‘tricky phase’ where we knew interviews would ultimately slow down. It goes through patches, some high and then some low which can make things slightly difficult in getting new interviews out. However, that doesn’t mean that our interviews stop being downloaded as you can tell by our list below! There are several movers and improvers on this list just like there usually is, as well as seeing three new entries since our last chart six months ago! Here is our end of year chart for 2015:

1st Greg Buis 10,548 0
2nd Brian Heidik 7142 0
3rd Corinne Kaplan 4618 0
4th Parvati Shallow 4257 0
5th Dre ‘Dreamz’ Herd 3770 +1
6th Dan Foley 3625 new entry
7th Rob Mariano 3478 -2
8th Shii Ann Huang 3229 -1
9th Darrah Johnson Sparacino 3169 +1
10th Russell Hantz 3089 -2
11th Lynne Spillman 3068 +6
12th Danni Boatwright 3024 -1
13th BB Andersen 3009 -4
14th Kelly Wiglesworth 2966 +1
15th Amanda Kimmel  2929 -3
16th Rob Cesternino 2915 -3
17th Eliza Orlins 2880 -3
18th Ozzy Lusth  2860 +1
19th Spencer Bledsoe 2786 +1
20th Cirie Fields 2762 -2
21st Todd Herzog 2735 -5
22nd Ian Rosenberger 2571 0
23rd  Sierra Reed 2564 +3
24th Lex Van Den Berghe 2512 -3
25th Andrew Savage 2498 +4
26th Jason Siska 2496 -2
27th Jerri Manthey 2494 -2
28th Sandra Diaz-Twine 2473 -5
29th Courtney Yates 2461 -2
30th Kass McQuillen 2401 -4
31st Katie Gallagher 2373 -1
32nd Peter Harkey 2339 -4
33rd Tom Westman 2283 -2
34th Ami Cusack 2280 -1
35th Stephenie LaGrossa 2247 -3
36th Peih-Gee Law 2245 -1
37th Crystal Cox Walker 2157 -1
38th Kelly Goldsmith 2148 +4
39th Jud ‘Fabio’ Birza 2104 -1
40th Laura Morett 2100 -3
41st Earl Cole 2046 +5
42nd John Fincher 2042 -3
43rd Tracy Hughes-Wolf 2038 -3
44th Ashley Underwood 2005 -3
45th Sean Rector 1971 +3
46th Neleh Nielson 1967 -1
47th Richard Hatch 1919 -3
48th Kathy O’Brien 1917 -1
49th Tony Vlachos 1881 +1
50th Silas Gaither 1852 new entry

As we don’t include recaps, we once again give you a top 10 chart of our Survivor recap episodes, and there are some interesting results here as well when you compare them to the above interviews chart:

We will once again bring you another chart in 6 months time to close out the  year! What do you think of the chart? Any surprises? Any interviews missing that you felt should be in the top 50? Let us know below! Remember you can also click on each of the interviews and download them should you not have heard them yet!

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  1. Who is the last place?

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